mold causes health risks

Keep Your Family Healthy

Here in the greater Colorado Springs, CO area (and everywhere else!), this is the #1 reason to prevent mold. Studies from the Mayo Clinic and others have shown an undeniable link between mold growth and chronic health problems.

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keep home resale value

Maintain Property Values

Home values in the Colorado Springs area aren’t immune to the fluctating home market. Once mold starts growing, it can drastically affect the resell value of a home. That's why we offer mold prevention services!

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mold remediation repair costs

Prevent Costly Repairs

Through the Mold Proof service, we permanently prevent mold growth to the greater Colorado Springs, CO area, which means you never have to pay for mold remediation (removal). Remediation can cost over $40,000, plus any temporary housing expenses you get hit with.

Read about why you should prevent mold.

what we do

What We Do

Mold doesn’t stand a chance against us. Find out what we do with it here!

the moldproof guarantee

Guaranteed Forever

Get to know the industry’s best guarantee and other great Mold Proof advantages.

eco friendly products

Eco Friendly

We like staying healthy, so we’ll only use environmentally friendly methods & products.

about mold free now colorado springs

About Us

Meet Joe Crivello and the rest of the Mold Free Now team! We’re local to the Colorado Springs, CO area.